Bodhi High

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Bodhi High, co-owner of High Def Arms, brings a wealth of passion and expertise to the realm of firearm customization. With a lifelong love for art and firearms, Bodhi's journey began as a hobbyist, honing his skills over the years. His dedication to craftsmanship led him to pursue certifications as a Cerakote applicator and laser engraver. Since co-founding High Def Arms in July 2023, Bodhi's vision and expertise have been instrumental in establishing the business as a trusted provider of custom firearm services.

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Whether you're looking to personalize your rifle with Cerakote, add intricate designs with laser engraving, or enhance grip with hand stippling, we're here to bring your vision to life. Connect with us today to discuss your customization needs, leave a message, or inquire about our services.

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